Quality SMS-gateway
to serve the business

Technical capabilities/ advantages

  •   Coverage - All GSM-Asia network, and the CIS *
  •   Reports about SMS delivery (with the time of delivery)
  •   Sender ID substitution **
  •   Ability to integrate with the SMS-platform for XML-protocol (download description)
  •   Ability to send SMS-messages using email (SMTP protocol, download description)
  •   Data security (HTTPS / SSL)
  •   Intellectual system of forecasting the fund expenditures

* Features and prices for the CIS and Asia are separately specified by your manager
** The substitution of the Sender ID is available only to clients running under the contract. Some carriers have restrictions on the substitution of the Sender ID.


We have SMS-platform proprietary and are not a reseller of services to another company that allows us to maintain low prices regardless of the pricing policy of a particular supplier.

2x equipment reserve in an independent data center with online data synchronization

redundancy SMS delivery in the GSM-network

  1. Reduce the risk of equipment failure
  2. Reduce the risk of data channel failure
  3. Scale dynamically the core system with increasing load


  • Peak throughput platform for batch mailings:
  • to 500 SMS per second
  • Actual data throughput for a client channel (typically limited by the speed Internet)
  • of 10 to 30 SMS per second
  • The level of actual delivery of messages to the recipient (due to factors GSM-network)
  • 94-95%