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About the company

      … and in fact. All have the same!

What is really should be interested to the customer of SMS-services?


Carrying out any mass sending we provide to you strictly regulated activity by several laws, as well as standards and requirements of mobile operators.

We make every effort to operate within the law.

We have the necessary license for the Telematic services, working with contractors only on an official contract that reflects the requirements of the law. We are fighting with SPAM and scams.

And that’s why for our clients we are opening the function of Sender ID substitution only with available signed contract.
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Technical reliability

We have two major plus::

  •   Own software and technical base
  •   Technical staff with the skill in creating provider systems with the experience of more than 10 years.
Nobody is insured on technical failures. And we have tried to be ready for the major risks!

  •   Reserve of SMS delivery channels (in case of failure on one of the channels, we will try to deliver your SMS by the other channel)
  •   Reserve of servers and databases (in case of failure of equipment or Dana-centre we activate reserve equipment in alternative Data-centre. And your data will be saved)
For details, see the architecture of the platform

Convenience and process automation

In designing our system we really spent a lot of effort on trying to make all the necessary functions you need easy accessible and intuitively clear.

You do not need to install any special software - all available on our website.

Providing bulks from our website you can:

  • Download your own client database in Excel-form. In this case we will examine any format phone 998 98... and 8 (998) ... etc. And in the case of erroneous numbers, we will provide you a detailed report about errors in the file.
  • Resend any made before bulk changing the text or the recipient list. Recipients can be filtered by gender and age.
  • Automatically insert the recipient name in the SMS text
  • Review reports on delivery
  • Review the sending history on a particular phone number
  • Review the history of the financial settlement
  • ...And many other convenient and useful things

Integrating with our platform you gain:

  • Access to convenient and thought-out XML-protocol
  • 2 ways of delivery reports (event-either or request)
  • Clear documentation and examples to connect to a JSP and PHP
Example of connection in PHP
Example of connection for JSP


  • We have developed a system to predict the flow of funds! That's for you, depending on the dynamics of your bulks, we remind you of the need to deposit at the right time in advance.
  • Immediately upon completion of the next month we will automatically send you the scan for your accounting certified by the Act of completed service.

Safety of your data

It goes without saying that we use your lists of recipients only to ensure your bulks and nothing else.

To protect your data during transmission from you on our site, you can use the HTTPS protocol. In this case safety is implemented by using a recognized SSL-certificate-key issued by COMODO High Assurance Secure Server CA in the name of Kangaroo LLC (128-bit encryption).


According to our work experience, the price is not the most important parameter at carrying out the SMS bulk.
...Even if the client thinks differently! :)

Either way, we can offer you prices below the market average, andwithout sacrificing quality!!

Already at payment = XXXX USSD. 1 SMS will cost you at 0,xx USSD!

For all sent or delivered?

We consider all the sent SMS. It is more convenient to us because each SMS even wrong has its cost.

But it is important to know that the level of actual deliveries in our system is about 95%!
If you try to send an SMS to the wrong phone number (out of range), we do not accept to send and account this SMS.
More about prices.

For those who could reach this point

We are young and dynamic company, founded in 2005 by the team consisting of people with more than 10 years of experience in the providing mobile services.

At the moment we already have:

  •   Own technologic platform
  •   Partner program and strategy of partnership development in Russia, Kazakhstan and Asia
Very soon you expect from us the new services:

  •   Advertising of your products and services through our database of recipients with geo- and age and sex-targeting!
  •   Niche favorable offers for specific businesses.